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The Park Ridge Athletic Association encourages youth development by providing opportunities for personal and athletic growth.  The PRAA promotes sportsmanship, self-esteem and the development of life skills through engaging youths in sports while providing a safe, healthy, positive environment. Our PRAA Members, Sports Commissioners and Coaches handle a variety of tasks including running each sports program, coordinating fundraising events, uniforms and equipment, the scheduling of games and field/gym time, team organization, inter-town communication and coordination and many other things.

Without our PRAA Trustees, Commissioners, Coaches and Volunteers our sports programs would not be possible.   Become involved, and help contribute to the growth and on-going maintenance of the sports programs for your children.


Questions? Contact Us.

Questions? Contact Us.

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Participating families are invited to each PRAA meeting to discuss ideas and address concerns with the Board of Trustees.  Unable to attend? Please email to discuss topics.

2021 Meeting Dates:

December 13  @ 7:30  (Location: Community Center)


The Park Ridge Athletic Association had developed and continues to follow protocols based on those prepared by the New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association (NJSIAA) regarding social distancing and masks. Periodic changes to these protocols may be announced systemwide to ensure a safe environment for all participants. Please continue to monitor emails and announcements on the PRAA website for updates. The following should help clarify any questions or concerns. 

In addition, coaches of respective sports will also communicate additional waivers required for participation in the season, if applicable. Non-compliance with required documentation will not be tolerated and could result in an athlete not participating in practice or games. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.  


Per revised NJDOH and NJSIAA guidance, face marks are not required for outdoor sports activities. Face covering are required indoors unless actively engaged in aerobic activity. Please note our NWBSA Soccer league, have specific face covering guidelines, which will be shared with coaches and parents.

It is advised all participants continue to maintain social distancing where appropriate.


PRAA members are required to report COVID related situations involving a PRAA athlete and/or coach by sending an email to

If a coach/player/etc. is exposed to or tests positive for Covid-19: 

  1. Please email with as much detail as possible regarding onset of symptoms, and/or last date of exposure to PRAA-affiliated program 
  1. The PRAA will collaborate with the Park Ridge Office of Emergency Management (OEM) to evaluate the information/situation 
  1. Outcome/next steps will be communicated to all potentially impacted individuals as determined by OEM  

This coordinated effort will include the Park Ridge School District (PRSD). It is intended to provide consistency, with emphasis on privacy and accuracy of all information.  

Parents /coaches are prohibited from notifying teams, athletes and or anyone else in the community on behalf of the PRAA.  


Please be reminded that if you are contacted by a family or the school at anytime for contact tracing and your child had contact with someone who has tested positive or has been asked to quarantine, he/she cannot attend practice(s)/game(s) until after 10 days from contact and be symptom free. At this time, we do not require your child to be tested to resume participation after the 10 days are up.

However, he/she may not be cleared to return to school until after the 14th day of quarantine per the BOE.


Furthermore, the PRAA follows PRSD athletic calendars regarding COVID related events, so if PRSD athletics are suspended due to COVID, so too are events under the PRAA.